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Custom Shipping Crates

February 15th, 2024 by

Shipping Crate BuilderPak Mail Cascade specializes in building custom shipping crates tailored to your unique shipping needs. Whether you’re shipping large, fragile, or irregularly shaped items, our skilled craftsmen create sturdy and secure crates designed to provide maximum protection during transit.

Our custom crate building process begins with a detailed assessment of your items’ dimensions, fragility, and shipping requirements. Using high-quality materials and precision craftsmanship, we construct crates that precisely fit your items, ensuring a snug and secure fit.

With Pak Mail Cascade’s custom shipping crate building services, you can have peace of mind knowing that your valuable belongings are in safe hands. Our experienced team carefully considers factors such as weight distribution, shock absorption, and handling requirements to ensure your items arrive at their destination unharmed.

Whether you’re shipping artwork, antiques, electronics, or industrial equipment, trust Pak Mail Cascade to provide custom shipping crate solutions that meet your exact specifications. Experience the convenience and reliability of our tailored shipping crate services, delivering peace of mind with every shipment.

Build To Suit Shipping Crates

July 19th, 2023 by

Custom CratingPak Mail Cascade specializes in crafting custom wooden shipping crates tailored to suit any item you need to ship. Their skilled team has the expertise to design and construct crates that provide the perfect fit and protection for your valuable goods. Using high-quality materials and precision craftsmanship, Pak Mail Cascade ensures that your items are securely packaged and ready for safe transportation. From fragile artwork and antiques to heavy machinery and oversized equipment, their custom wooden crates are built to withstand the rigors of shipping. With Pak Mail Cascade’s attention to detail and commitment to quality, you can trust that your items will arrive at their destination securely and in pristine condition. Experience peace of mind and reliable shipping solutions with Pak Mail Cascade’s custom wooden shipping crates tailored to suit any item you need to transport.

Why Use a Custom Shipping Crate?

May 12th, 2023 by

Custom Specialty CratesHere at Pak Mail Cascade we know using a custom shipping crate for valuable items is of utmost importance as it provides an added layer of protection and security during transportation. Valuable items such as fine art, antiques, and electronics are susceptible to damage during shipping due to rough handling, shifting, or impacts. Custom shipping crates are specifically designed and tailored to the size, weight, and fragility of the item being shipped, providing a secure and snug fit to prevent movement or shifting. They also offer superior durability and sturdiness, ensuring the item is protected from external elements such as moisture, temperature fluctuations, and rough terrain. In addition, custom shipping crates can be equipped with features such as shock absorption, ventilation, and locking mechanisms, enhancing the safety and security of the valuable item during transit. Overall, using a custom shipping crate is a crucial investment in protecting valuable items during shipping and ensuring their safe arrival at their destination.

Hard to ship art?

February 2nd, 2023 by

Pak Mail Cascade is your art shipping solution. We specialize in custom packing and crating of all types of artwork from paintings to sculpture, and much more. Our packing expert will assess your items and determine the correct way to pack and ship them to ensure safety and for the best price.

Crate Building Experts

June 13th, 2022 by

Shipping Crate BuilderPak Mail Cascade builds custom shipping crates to accommodate any item. Do you have something fragile or something large and awkward? Pak Mail can crate and ship it. We will access your item or items and decide the best course of action to ensure your shipment arrives at it’s destination unharmed. Let us know what we can ship for you.

Custom Specialty Crates

June 3rd, 2021 by

Custom Specialty CratesPak Mail Cascade offers custom specialty shipping crates to suit any shipping requirements. Our experts will asses your items and build an appropriate shipping crate to guarantee it’s safe arrival. Across town, across the country, or across the sea Pak Mail has you covered.

Custom Wooden Shipping Crates

January 21st, 2021 by

Custom Wooden CratesPak Mail Cascade builds custom shipping crates in our store our at your location. We can build the correct crate to safely ship any item, large or small. We will assess your shipping job and build a crate that guarantees safe delivery to it’s destination. If you need specialty shipping Pak Mail has you covered.

Custom Shipping Crates

February 11th, 2020 by

Custom CratingPak Mail Cascade will build a custom shipping crate to suit any item. We will carefully pack, crate, and ship your items safely to their destination. Pak Mail will assess you item(s) and determine the best crating method to make sure it gets there safe. Bring your item to us or we can arrange pick up. Let Pak Mail take care of it.

Shipping Crates

September 23rd, 2019 by

Pak Mail Cascade specializes in custom built shipping crates for almost any item.  Large and heavy or very delicate, we can handle it. We will build a crate that perfectly suits your items. This way it makes it to the destination safe and sound.

Custom Crates

Manufacturing Equipment Custom Crated & Shipped

November 20th, 2018 by

Pak Mail Cascade just finished this large custom crating job. We built custom wooden shipping crates to protect this very expensive manufacturing equipment during transport.

Why Choose Pak Mail

Pak Mail Cascade is not only a packing and shipping store, we also offer custom crating and freight shipping services. We are located on Cascade Road and 28th and proudly serve Cascade, Ada, Lowell, Kentwood, and the surrounding areas. Request a Free Online Estimate or call us at 616-285-4622.


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